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Please visit this page regularly as dates and new workshops are always being added. If below dates do not work for you, please contact me and we will find another suitable date for you. If you would like me to create a workshop for you and your group or family, just ask and you shall receive :) ** If you would like to REPEAT any level of Reiki or IET workshop, the cost is $80.00 for the day. Practice your techniques and spend a magical, healing day with others.

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IET FOR PETS - Sunday, May 27th, 2018

27 May 2018

The Integrated Energy Therapy® for Pets is focused on using Integrated Energy Therapy® energy and techniques to support pets in their wellness (especially cats, dogs and horses). In this class you will learn about the souls nature of each of these pets, how to use cellular memory functions and how to apply the BASIC Level IET® techniques to help clear energy blockages from the cellular memory of these pets. What can cause energy blockages in these pets? Situations that create a state of distress. Energies empathetically taken on from the owners for healing. This course is for everyone who loves and owns a pet or works with pets as a veterinarian, vet technician, animal rescue and animal caretakers. Benefits of giving an IET® session for Pets: • Very calming and relaxing • Post-surgery and after surgery for faster healing • Faster healing for all health issues • Helps with behavior problems – aggressive, fearful, hyperactive, nervous, separation anxiety and more. The cellular memory in animals is in some ways similar to that of human beings, but is in many ways different. This class explores the soul’s mission of these three types of pets (through information channeled from Angel Ariel), details their nine cellular memory areas, their IET® integration points, and the complete step-by-step session procedures. Prerequisite: Basic Level IET® certification Cost $150.00 – Includes an Integrated Energy Therapy® Manual and an Integrated Energy Therapy® for PETS Certificate.

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LIGHTARIAN REIKI ATTUNEMENTS - Starts Tuesday, May 29, 2018

29 May 2018

Pre-requisite - You must have completed 4 levels of Usui Reiki (Reiki Master). Lightarian Reiki offers a high vibrational Reiki healing energy. It uniquely prepares you to deliver a broader spectrum of healing energies by extending the vibrational range of Reiki beyond Usui-based and Karuna® Reiki modalities. Inspired by Ascended Master Buddha, Lightarian Reiki has been brought forth now to accelerate the healing process for humanity...focusing on expanding your abilities as a Reiki Practitioner/Teacher to channel healing energies of a higher vibrational nature for the benefit of others. Through your enhanced and expanded attunement connection with Ascended Master Buddha, you will also personally benefit in your own healing raising your personal vibration as you step through the four levels of the Lightarian Reiki program. The inspiration and development of Lightarian Reiki began in 1997 via connections with the highest energies of Master Buddha. His intentions were, and still are, to stimulate self-empowerment of the teacher by keeping the attunement and healing process simple...therefore, no new symbols are used in Lightarian Reiki. Through intention rather than symbols, the teacher is encouraged to more effectively access the high vibrational energies of Master Buddha while also tapping into his/her own inner power (Higher Self connection). The simple techniques of Lightarian Reiki attunements allow the teacher to deliver high vibrational healing energies to clients and to provide powerful and effective trainings and attunements to students. THERE ARE 5 ATTUNEMENTS AND ARE GIVEN ONCE A MONTH STARTING MAY 29, 2018. $25.00 per attunement

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Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Level l - Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

3 Jun 2018

You will learn the history of Reiki and how Reiki works. You will learn the Reiki hand positions and have lots of practice in healing self and others. Discussions on crystals, the chakra system, auras, manifesting goals and more. Bathe in the Ocean of Holy Love to prepare you to receive the Holy Fire Reiki Level l attunement. Cost $150.00

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LIGHTARIAN PURIFICATION RINGS™ Attunements - Starts Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

5 Jun 2018

Pre-requisite is AngelLinks™ Establish a series of six unique and permanent guideship connections with these supportive seraphic groups. The six Lightarian Purification Rings are designed to create extraordinary connections for you from the highest level of the Angelic Realms called the Seraphim. These seraphic groups, including Seraphim Y, Seraphim, C, Seraphim V, Seraphim Z and Seraphim K, will assist with facilitating the expansion and purification of recipients. The Purification Rings have been inspired by the Seraphim in order to work through a strong, direct link with humans to advance their spiritual development. This is an ADVANCED program given to us to help our physical beings function more efficiently in the new Earth. It is for those that have already begun their Ascension/Descension process and choose to stay on the earth plane at this time in history. Each seraphic group will serve as guides for you in these other specialized ways: Seraphim Y gifts us with the Seraphic Blue Flame of Wholeness. This begins the process of reformatting our genetic encodings (not the personal kind from our ancestors, but how the body functions as a human). This also shifts our personal perspective with understanding the "All That Is"; Seraphim C gifts us with the crystal skull to aid us in integrating and stimulating our ability to incorporate sensory input more completely through the reformatting of the frontal lobe, enabling us to receive more fully our Earth plane existence and our advancement into this new paradigm. Additionally, Star Arinae, with Seraphim C, helps us to reformat our genetic makeup and brain processes; Seraphim V aids us in operating with the coolness of the blue flame in order to operate in a state of Joy, Laughter, Thoughtfulness and Lightness by removing the cloak of fear. We begin to stand fully within our Truth; Seraphim Z facilitates the full integration of life experiences including the release of deeply stored grief (unresolved grief creates fissures in our energetic body); Representatives from all the Seraphim groups work with us to effectively invoke intentions (through the blue flame from the Seraphim) as anchored in a state of pure bliss; and Seraphim K introduces the Merlin energy of magic as we learn to understand humanity's relationship with the Earth plane and connect energetically to the Earth plane more effectively, lovingly, and purely. Six Attunements Start June 5th, 2018 and are given one month apart. Cost is $22.00 per attunement.

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6 Jun 2018

The five Lightarian AngelLinks are designed to create extraordinary connections for you with a high vibrational team of angelic beings. Beginning with Seraph Rose Aura and then continuing with the 4 Archangels - Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel. Each attunement will be given 1 month apart. Energy Exchange is $22.00. (More info is on my Service/Workshop page)

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Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master - June 9 & 10, 2018

9 Jun 2018

You will learn the HolyFire symbol and how to use it. You will learn new HolyFire ignitions, transmissions and meditations that will increase your level of vibration. Instruction and practice in giving attunements at all levels including Reiki Master. You will receive the Usui Master healing attunement which heals and strengthens the effectiveness of Reiki treatments. Discussions on various topics including the values and spiritual orientation of a true Reiki Master, discussion on how to market and teach classes, and much more. Cost is $600 for 2 days. Includes HolyFire Reiki Master Manual, all handouts and a Reiki Master Certificate.

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IET BASIC - Sunday, June 17th, 2018

17 Jun 2018

You will receive an attunement to the Basic IET ® energy ray that will activate the 1st and 2nd DNA pairs, and will empower you to energize and integrate cellular memory blocks. You will learn the location and use of the IET ® energy integration power points. You will receive an introduction to Energy Anatomy and the Cellular Memory Map. You will increase your ability to be an energy intuitive, and “read” energy. Cost $195.00

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LIGHTARIAN RAYS starts Monday, June 18th, 2018

18 Jun 2018

The first six Lightarian Rays are a series of guided-meditation attunements...each creating a powerful and permanent connection for you with one of the Masters. Each Ray is an "attunement event" that launches extraordinary "energetic processing" within your chakras, subtle bodies and physical body...creating spiritual, mental, emotional and physical transformation in your life. EMPOWERMENT RAY - Inspired by Ascension Master Maitreya. CLEARING RAY - Created by Ascended Master El Morya. ACTIVATION RAY Inspired by Ascended Master Sananda. HEALING RAY - Sourced by Ascended Master Buddha. MANIFESTATION RAY - Sourced by Ascended Master St. Germain. SOURCE RAY - The remaining 8 ascended masters. Regarding the progression of spiritual development stimulated by the Rays, here is the Lightarian perspective... Self-empowerment is the starting point for the spiritual awakening process, Then, the clearer you become, the more effectively you can heal, The more you clear and heal, then the greater can be your rate of personal energetic activations, All leading to a greater ability for you to manifest a higher level of Light in your day-to-day life! This sequence starts June 18th, 2018. Cost is $22.00 for attunement

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7 Jul 2018

Deepens the understanding of the Assumptions, effects and phases of Therapeutic Touch. Introduction of energy techniques through intensity, music, color and visualization(imagery. Using energy techniques while giving a treatment. Certificate for Therapeutic Touch ™ Level Two upon completion

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Usui/HolyFire Reiki Level ll - Sunday, July 8th, 2018

8 Jul 2018

You will be shown the 3 Reiki symbols and taught the proper way to use them. You will learn how to heal unwanted habits, old beliefs and patterns and more techniques in manifesting your goals. You will learn how to do both distance and situational healing. You will bathe in the Ocean of Holy Love before receiving the Holy Fire Reiki ll attunement enabling you to connect with the energy. Cost $165.00

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IET INTERMEDIATE - Sunday, July 15, 2018

15 Jul 2018

You will receive an attunement to an Intermediate IET® energy that will activate the 3rd and 4th DNA pairs, and will empower you to pull energy imprints out of the human energy field. You will learn to clear energy imprints resulting from past life karma. You will learn methods to “esoterically dowse” and interpret the blockages in the human energy field. You will learn methods to “esoterically dowse” and interpret the blockages in the human energy field. Cost for the day is $210.00 including and IET Intermediate manual

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12 Aug 2018

In this Reiki Advanced Training Workshop (A.R.T.)you will learn the Usui Master symbol that intensifies and focuses the Reiki energy ~ You will bathe in the Ocean of Holy Love before receiving the A.R.T. attunement ~ You will create a healing grid with crystals and stones to continuously send Reiki to yourself and others ~ We will do a powerful meditation to manifest our goals as well as a beautiful meditation HOLY LOVE 1. You will learn various new healing techniques including the Reiki Aura Cleaning that assists in removing negative energy ~ Cost: $180.00

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19 Aug 2018

You will receive an attunement to the Advanced IET ® energy, which unlocks the 5th DNA pair and activates the energy of your soul's purpose. You will learn the ability to do a "Soul Star" clearing to activate your soul's purpose. You will be taught the use of the Heartnet process to manifest your dream. The use of the powerful energy wave technique to clear resistance. How to build Heartbeams to anchor angelic energy into the Earth. Cost $225.00 includes an IET Advanced Manual and Certification

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THERAPEUTIC TOUCH LEVEL ONE - September 8 & 15, 2018

8 Sep 2018

In this workshop, you will learn: What is the history of Therapeutic Touch How to read energy of clients, body language. How does Therapeutic Touch Work and the benefits of TT. Various medical conditions that can benefit from TT. The Power of Intentions The Power of the Coherent Heart (When you find yourself about to respond to a person or situation in a stressful manner) What is the Energy Field and what is Energy overload Therapeutic Touch – glossary of terms. Cure, Heal, Traditional medicine versus Holistic Practice What are the Basic Assumptions The five stages of TT – centering, accessing, clearing, treating, grounding Scientific Research of Therapeutic Touch Giving and receiving a Therapeutic Touch session – centering, accessing, clearing, treating and grounding Certificate for Therapeutic Touch ™ Level One upon completion Cost is $225.00 for the two days (12 hours)

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7 STEPS TO TRANSFORMATION - starts September 14, 2018

14 Sep 2018

• STARTS FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 14TH, 2018 from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. and every 2 weeks after that until December 7th, 2018 • COST : $35 per class or $200.00 if paid in full by September 1, 2018 These programs are designed to create an environment of joy-filled energetic expansion and personal transformation. These IET Steps to Transformation programs will help you heal your trauma without having to relive the drama or pain. In these workshops, you will learn to establish your own energetic connection with the energy of the Healing Angels. You will learn to use ancient sacred geometry, there will be guided imagery and meditations and will be combined with special techniques that Stevan J. Thayer channeled from Angel Ariel, to “get the issues out of your tissues for good!” In addition to experiencing these Steps to Transformation, you will learn hand mudras that will let you instantly re-activate them anytime. For the optimal transformational experience, we suggest the steps be taken in sequence. • You will receive a Certificate of Completion after Steps 1 – 7 • Each class will be 2 hours on a Friday evening that will consist of theory, meditations and techniques. September 14, 2018 Step 1: Introduction to Transformation and the Divine Plan AND Heartlink® with your Angels…..Learn how to connect to your Angels and find out who the Angels are of the Healing Energy Field used in IET. Learn what a Heartlink is and how this powerful energy and tool can be used to send healing remotely and directly to yourself in your body, energy centers, field and others. September 28, 2018 Step 2: Activating Your 12 Strand DNA.…….This class will use the power of the IET energy ray to activate your 12-Strand Spiritual DNA and bring you into alignment with the very mission of your soul as well as you will be guided through a visualization in which you create a mental image of you perfect life, physical body, lifestyle, livelihood, romance, prosperity and perfect world. October 12, 2018 Step 3: Clearing your Karma with the Energy of Angels……..Do you ever find yourself in the same situations and limiting life habit patterns? These repeat situations are the result of Karma. This class and meditation will lead you through powerful IET Karma Clearing process to clean up your Karma easily and gracefully with the Energy of Angels. This is great for addictions, limiting beliefs, patterns, self sabotage, fears and phobias. October 26, 2018 Step 4: The IET Forgiveness Process…….This class and meditation will bring forward three people from the past, present, and you that you can choose to forgive. It is one of the most powerful classes we teach as this powerful IET process truly helps you to forgive and forget The key to living peace in the present moment. November 9, 2018 Step 5 : Empowered heart /Essential Action Process.…..The Empowered Heart is the result of the energetic union of the heart and power centers. When we live our lives with the empowered heart energy we automatically express our true essence into the world in service to others. Angel Ariel describes this true essence as being like a core seed that is within each of us. The angels call this expression of our true essence our “essential action”. This class and meditation will help us live from an empowered heart. November 23, 2018 Step 6: Future life Progression.…You have heard about past life regressions in which you take a guided journey back into one of your past lifetimes to heal a karmic issue. In this class and meditation, we journey forward with the help of our angels and soul council to a future lifetime in which we were successful in mastering all our lessons and living our true life’s purpose. We then bring the energy of that future lifetime back into this lifetime to help us accelerate our spiritual growth. December 7, 2018 Step 7: The IET Freedom Process……Ever felt drained when around certain people or situations? This class and meditation will lead you through an IET process of cutting the cords of codependency that prevent you from living your life’s essential action. By cutting cords with past and present relationships, you are able to retrieve some of the power that you have given away and return that which you have energetically taken also. This class is amazing and assists so much in the healing process! Once the above 7 steps are taken, you will have the choice to move to the Higher Steps to Transformation. Step 8 - Grid Healing Step 9 - Pure Joy Step 10 – Compassion Step 11 – Homecoming Step 12 – Unity in Action Step 13 – Ascension Step 14 – Being LOVE

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USUI/HOLYFIRE REIKI LEVEL 1 - Sunday, September 16th, 2018

16 Sep 2018

You will learn the history of Reiki and how Reiki works. You will learn the Reiki hand positions and have lots of practice in healing self and others. Discussions on crystals, the chakra system, auras, manifesting goals and more. Bathe in the Ocean of Holy Love to prepare you to receive the Holy Fire Reiki Level l attunement. Cost $150.00

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IET® BASIC - Sunday, September 23, 2018

23 Sep 2018

You will receive an attunement to the Basic IET ® energy ray that will activate the 1st and 2nd DNA pairs, and will empower you to energize and integrate cellular memory blocks. You will learn the location and use of the IET ® energy integration power points. You will receive an introduction to Energy Anatomy and the Cellular Memory Map. You will increase your ability to be an energy intuitive, and “read” energy. Cost $195.00

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13 Oct 2018

UNITARY REIKI unites four kinds of Reiki into one and its intention is that all Reiki comes from the same source and is what unites us. The Living Light of Unitary Reiki seeks to unify you with the highest levels and dimensions of your full Beingness, helping you to anchor your full potential and divine attributes in this lifetime. A harmonization of your Masculine and Feminine energies is also a strong focus. Unitary Reiki also consciously integrates the use of sound and the frequencies of the human voice. The human voice is one of the most powerful healing tools that we have and the activation and strengthening of the vibration of our own voice can help raise your confidence levels and help you attract what your heart really desires with more ease and grace. Many are afraid that their voice is not good enough to use or that they are not a professional singer, however, no prior experience with singing is necessary, the intent in this course is to more powerfully connect your Heart chakra with your voice, (all the while releasing old emotions) so that the authenticity of your voice can be more readily expressed by you. The natural human voice, while sung with love, is very healing. Please note the symbols are not so much as traced during the course but felt experientially through sound and meditation. Unitary Reiki utilizes symbols from 4 different Reiki streams and harmonizes them into one powerful Reiki: 5 symbols from Usui Reiki (from Usui foundation), 7 symbols from Shamballah Reiki (chosen by Hari Das Melquisedek the founder of SReiki) 2 symbols from Karuna Reiki (Maha Karuna) and 11 symbols from the new Unitary Reiki® (Selene and Cyrille Odon, Lemurian energy). The intentions and vibrations of this Reiki course can help you to: • Energize and more fully open the throat chakra • Open your 5fth chakra channels, ear chakras (for clairaudience) what we cannot hear, we cannot sing • Purification of the Thyroid gland and larynx • Fortify the power of our spoken word and for our speaking and singing voice to channel a higher frequency • Activation of the 12 strands of DNA (given within the symbols and attunements) • Activation of the central energy channel and the Markabah field • Meditation for you to be acclimated to the harmonics of your soul song (which is in your cellular memory) • Your fundamental note Throughout this course, we will be accompanied with the frequency of many different pure sound tools such as crystals bowls, Tibetan bowl, drums, rattles, tuning forks and chimes which will assist us to anchor the healing and empowering archetypes and vibrations of the Reiki symbols. The first three days of this formation are to learn the symbols and tools of Unitary Reiki to become a practitioner (Practitioner’s Diploma and manual given.) After three months of integration, on the fourth day of the course you become a Unitary Reiki Master (a Master`s Diploma and Teacher’s manual is given) Saturday, Cost: $150 for each level – a Total of $600.00 includes a Manual and Certification for each level

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1 Dec 2018

In this workshop, we will begin by creating our personal vision board. It is time to manifest our hearts desires with ease, grace and simplicity. We will then learn how to call upon the healing angels with a special prayer of invitation. With meditation, journaling and other fun techniques, you will discover the special healing gift that each angel brings. With deep reflection, you will also bulldoze through blocks and old patterns so you can easily manifest your hearts desires. Come work with Angels Ariel, Raphael, Gabriel, Celestina, Faith, Cassiel, Daniel, Sarah and Michael. 12:30 to 5:00 p.m. COST: $60.00 INCLUDES THE HEALING ANGELS WORKBOOK. (Repeat students $40.00). This Workshop will be given in the West Island. Give yourself or someone you love a gift for CHRISTMAS. Slow down, nurture yourself and spend a few hours with the Healing Angels and prepare what you want to manifest for 2019 and beyond :)

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Rainbow Workshop for Kids Ages 4 to 10 - STARTS FEB.2010

6 Feb 2010

This workshop is designed to be fun and interesting for Kids Ages 4 - 10 who have an awareness of their energetic being and who would like to spend time in a nurturing and supportive atmosphere which allows them to explore their unique potential. The Workshop will consist of stories, meditation, yoga postures, positive affirmations, creative expression and lots of crafts and art. ~~ Each Saturday we will discuss a different topic such as chakras, auras, environmental issues, crystals, etc., and we will invoke the help of angels, fairies and power animals to help us on this journey. Saturdays 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. Cost: $35.00

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Reiki Basic for Parent and Child

Learn what Reiki is and bring home a wonderful tool for healing yourself. family members, friends and animals. In this workshop you will have lots of practice time in healing techniques….. Guided meditation…. Discussions on the Aura, chakras, crystals… and lots of creative art. Reiki Level 1 Attunement for the Parent and Child. A Reiki Coloring book, all craft materials and a Reiki Certificate for Parent/Child is included. Reiki Workshop for 1 Parent 1 Child $111.00 (3 hours) 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. Please register for this event if interested.

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Introduction to the Chakras for Kids

This workshop will help children get in touch with subtle energy and they will learn about each chakra with meditation, movement, discussions and creative art. These energy centres play an important role in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. When our chakras are balanced, we feel happy, healthy, calm and centred. What we will learn: - The color and location of each chakra - What happens in our body when the chakra is not balanced - Some simple techniques to keep the chakras balanced with several basic techniques - Working with crystals and stones to balance the chakras - Invoking angels, fairies, unicorns and power animals to help you on this journey. 3 hours 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. Cost: $60.00

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A fun and creative workshop for Kids. How to connect with our Angels through a process called the “heartlink”. Our guardian angels are always beside us to help and support us. Discussions on where we hold blocked feelings (anger, fear, worries, etc.) and how to clear these Energy blocks. Stories, meditation, creative art, expressive dance movement and more. The Basic IET Attunement will be given. An IET Kids Manual, all craft materials and an IET Kids Certificate is included. $60.00 (4 hours)

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REIKI SHARES - Please note that I will be holding a monthly Reiki Share for Adults. Each person will practice Reiki by giving a session and each person will receive a Reiki session. We will start with a short meditation and sharing and I will also re-attune each person before starting the sessions. This is for my students of all levels. If you are interested in attending, please contact me a.s.a.p. as the space is limited. A $10.00 donation to offset the expenses would be greatly appreciated.

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Karen Mosuk

Sacred Wellness Practitioner
Usui/HolyFire Reiki Master-Teacher, CRA RT 05-140
IET® Master - Instructor
Recognized Therapeutic Touch ™ Teacher