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"EVERYONE without exception is very, very special with extraordinary qualities and extraordinary powers. You just may not know it yet. The secret is to be, love and cherish yourself; it is to be your true essence. You are love and light, infinite wisdom and unlimited possibilities. Whatever you ask, you shall receive. You can have, be and do anything you want. You just need to choose what makes you happy in your heart. It is very simple. Remember, you are loved beyond measure for who you are and you are beautiful."

Author Unknown ~ but a very Wise Soul



Summer is here !!!!!   The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming with vibrant colors and we are feeling lighter.  It is time to let go of all the heaviness from past and dance, play, laugh with child-like wonder with expectations of a brighter future.  The world around us is vibrantly alive and gives us a never-ending flow of opportunities to escape our mechanical existence.  Take the time to nurture your soul.  Sit near the water with a good book, feed the ducks, watch the children laughing and playing in a park.   Yes, our world still has issues and there is sad news everyday, but choose to LIVE each moment with grace and gratitude.  We can continue to pray for world peace, happiness for our families and friends, cures for dis-ease – BUT focus on the moment that the Creator has given you with de-light and joy.  Where are you putting your focus and thoughts?

Summer is about bringing thoughts, ideas and intentions we have been working on into full growth -  the ‘flowering’ of our thoughts. And what better way to cultivate those seeds than to sit on Mother Earth on a clear summer’s night, drinking in the wisdom and love of the Universe as we traverse starry night skies in search of ourselves. After all, we are made from stars and to the stars we must return.

It is time now to become what you know you can be, not just what you appear to be. Sit under the stars and look at what you are and how you can change to become the magnificent being you were intended to be.

I trust that the words on these pages plant beautiful seeds within you and that you all grow into the beautiful shining stars that YOU ARE.     May you always be your authentic self, trusting in magic, following your heart, dreaming BIG, and having fun.  Remember, there are no mistakes in life, only lessons.  Each day is a brand new day for you to CREATE exactly what you want. 

      IT’S -:¦:-¸¸ALL.·´**-:¦:-¸ ¸.·´**-:ABOUT ¦:-¸¸.·´**LOVE




Believe in yourself, in love, in trust, in magic, in angels, in happy endings, in God, in promises, in miracles, in people, in fairytales, in following your heart, in peace and happiness, in never growing up, in following your passions and making your dreams come true, in always having fun, in helping people, in making the world a better place, in changing for the better.





I have deep gratitude for your presence in my life for we are ONE !!!

May your journey be blessed and your steppings be light and joyful.

In Love AND Gratitude, ME.

    KAREN -:¦:-¸¸.·´**




The Angel of July - brings a season of leisure, a time to play and replenish our energy. The projects we began in the spring should be well underway and growing stronger on their own. July's angel urges us to take the time, now, to step back and observe what we have planted. The July angel encourages us to tend the garden of our life, to care for what we have started, and to be objective enough to weed out the unhealthy or unproductive elements. This angel of summer reminds us to nurture the people and things that bring us happiness, so we can product for ourselves a crop of joy and fulfillment.


                            *”˜˜”*.~~ `*.¸.* *”˜˜”*.~~ `*.¸.*



Believe in the power of your thought, the goodness of the universe, the worthiness of your being, the power of who you are, that all things are possible, and that you are the creator of your own reality.

Train yourself to be consistently in your best feel good mode right now and every day. Once you're there habitually you're in the creation/manifesting zone and it all easy.

As soon as you believe in the goodness of the universe and your own worthiness, you've got the main keys to manifesting everything you desire.

Be your state – extraordinary, limitless, unbound and infinite.



  -:¦:- *.¸.*-:¦:-*.¸.*-:¦:-






Angel of July is Release


Let go of all that keeps you in the past or takes you into the future. This may include control, expectations, inhibitions, worry or an outdated self-image. 


At the core of every unhealthy behavior is a misconception about life and the way energetics really work. We unknowingly make conclusions that contract our awareness and hold these behaviors in place. We get overloaded with images, sounds, moods and the many sensations we pick up from our daily interactions with people and places.


We are now living in a time of unprecedented opportunities to evolve spiritually. As the energy accelerates, it stimulates the unconscious and compromises, resignations, and feelings of loss cannot remain suppressed any longer. As these surface and become conscious, we can lovingly review them and let go of the outdated misperceptions and fixed decisions we made prematurely — some even before we learned to speak.


Our work now is to free ourselves from suffering by allowing the contracted feelings to dissolve, unlearning old habits and developing new ones from our 'soul's' perspective. By continuously choosing to shift into the present moment, to a fresh space where we let go of our personal history and call forth the soul's reality, we undergo a truly heroic transformation.


It is not a long linear process to our best Self. The old world is slow and filled with gaps of separation and the need to dwell on the past. On the other hand, the new world is fast and based on interconnectedness, intuitive promptings, and courageous movement.


We are all at a turning point, one that requires each of us to release readily what no longer serves and prioritize our energies, focus, and actions in the world. And, the invitation is ongoing to set aside our doubts, preconditions, and impatience and choose instead to feel connected to life, flow, and synchronicity.


May the Angel of Release help you clear the way and open space for new life, love, and fulfillment throughout the coming month.


ANGEL® Cards


    * *.¸.*-:¦:-¸¸.·´~~ •*”˜˜”*•.~~ `*.¸.*-:¦:-¸¸.·´**






"Where Love is, then so am I! Where Light is, then there is Love"
*** Be still and Know that I Am God ***
Be still and Know,
Be Still,






    * *.¸.*-:¦:-¸¸.·´~~ ••.~~ `*.¸.*-:¦:-¸¸.·´**




Resolve to Evolve

                                                    By Paul Hoffman

Are you willing to grow and transform your life today into exactly what you dream it can be?  Do you have the determination and the confidence it takes to walk through any challenge and realize the opportunity that is being presented to you?  Will you see the blessing by knowing that within you  have everything you need to create the most amazing life?  I believe that this is the truth of who we are.  All it takes is a self-loving nudge for yourself to be able to release and let go of the limiting beliefs we sometimes are holding on to so that we begin to see and feel the powerful presence that is who we are.  You are unique and special and when you have the "Resolve To Evolve" into the gifted person you are any false sense of being something else will drift away and what remains is a confident and certain knowingness that you can have it all.

Each day we are presented with the gifts of creation.  We get to choose the path we want to journey down and the kinds of relationships we want to hold dear to our hearts. It is through the decisions we make from the mindset of free will that what we want becomes the essence of who we are. We don't need to know how things will happen we just need to know what we want to happen.  Life is all about growing and transforming.  We are all a work in progress as we learn every step of the way how to be more and more of who we are. Stay in the vibration of unconditional love today and share your brilliance. be supportive of others.  Give the gift of you seeking nothing in return. When you allow yourself the permission to claim your greatness the garden of your life will be filled with healthy and positive activities that will bring you closer and closer to creating a world that works for everyone and you will be truly manifesting in your life the dream in your heart.

"The transformation of you begins with the decision to be who you really are and not some limiting belief of who you think you are."

I AM in perfect harmony with the calling of my life
I release any judgment and I can't do consciousness
In my mind I see the beautiful vision of my dream
I know that MY dream is really my reality
All the blessings of this new day are food for my unfoldment
The smorgasboard of my life wets my creative appetite
I am absolutely ready to have it all!








Today's Positive Affirmation


I AM strong because my heart is overflowing with love and my mind is filled with gentle thoughts.

Today's Positive Visualization


As I take a deep breath, I open my heart, and quiet my mind. I allow myself to experience the strength of my inner being.  I affirm that I have all the power I need to meet every situation in my life.  I am able to sense my inner strength because of my gentle thoughts and loving open heart.  In my mind's eye I see myself meeting and greeting each day and each person with a strength that is nourished by my open heart and quiet mind.  I imagine that my inner strength is visible to others and gives them the strength they may need.  I combine these images with the feelings of joy and let them go, knowing that they will create the good things I am visualizing and thinking.






                    -:¦:-¸¸.·´~~ •*”˜˜”*•.~~ `*.¸.*-:¦:-



Light A Candle Today! 

Today I will light a candle for my dear friend and my Reiki Master, Lynn Neilson, who is struggling with cancer.  I also send love and healing to her devoted husband Tony and her adored mother, Terry.  May they all be surrounded by the greatest cosmic light.

In many different traditions lighting a candle is a sacred action.   It expresses more than words can express.   It sends light and healing as a prayer, as an intention.  We ask the Creator, the Universe, Christ, Ascended Masters, Angels and Archangels to support us with our prayer. 








I do not claim to have written the articles in this newsletter.  They come from a wide variety of sources and submissions.  It is information that resonates with me and it makes my heart joyful to share this information with you.    Any infringement of said copyright is non-intentional and will be rectified upon notice and proof of ownership.


If you like what you read, please feel free to pass the entire newsletter on to others who you feel can benefit from the messages.




Karen Mosuk

Sacred Wellness Practitioner
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IET® Master - Instructor
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