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"EVERYONE without exception is very, very special with extraordinary qualities and extraordinary powers. You just may not know it yet. The secret is to be, love and cherish yourself; it is to be your true essence. You are love and light, infinite wisdom and unlimited possibilities. Whatever you ask, you shall receive. You can have, be and do anything you want. You just need to choose what makes you happy in your heart. It is very simple. Remember, you are loved beyond measure for who you are and you are beautiful."

Author Unknown ~ but a very Wise Soul

NEWSLETTER #109 - MAY 2014


Welcome MAY – the trees and flowers are blooming – the weather is warming up, we are feeling more energetic and alive.  May 11th is Mother’s Day – a time to not only honour our mothers and all females who have inspired us and made a difference in our lives ~ but also a day to honour Mother Earth – Gaia – who gives so much to us.  Look around at all the beauty, the colors, the plants, the water, the mountains – what magesty we live in.

Everyday is a new day.  A new beginning.    It is a day brimming with unlimited possibilities.  Today the angels attend you, available to help you in your every need.  Today, give thanks!  Give thanks for the beautiful spring and all that is blooming.  Give thanks for the blessings that come to you!  Give thanks for all that is good in your life; for the opportunity to offer your gifts to the world. Give thanks for being alive at this precious time!

Today, nothing restricts you. Nothing limits you!  Let your spirit soar and feel the joy and lightness of being that comes with trust, faith and surrender to your highest purpose.   There are many good and profound surprises on its way to you ~ today ! 


I trust that the words on these pages plant beautiful seeds within you and that you all grow into the beautiful shining stars that YOU ARE.     May you always be your authentic self, trusting in magic, following your heart, dreaming BIG, and having fun.  Remember, there are no mistakes in life, only lessons.  Each day is a brand new day for you to CREATE exactly what you want. 


“The flower of your be-ing begins to bloom when you move with the flow of life”


“In loving memory of my mother who passed away on January 11, 2011”





In Love AND Gratitude for your presence in my life

    KAREN -:¦:-¸¸.·´**


*~**-:¦:-*~** -:¦:-*~** -:¦:-*~** -:¦:-*~**


The Angel of MAY - brings the blush and promise of spring. May's angel rejoices with us as we take heart at the sight of trees ad shrubs in bloom and relish our anticipation of the fruits to come. This angel of spring reminds us that this is a time of awakening the seed within ourselves. Perhaps we have a deep longing, an artistic talent never explored or a friendship never quite attempted. This angel of May will help us discover this potential, nurturing our spirits as we can dare to fulfill this hidden promise and bring forth the fruit of a life fully lived.





The Life Cycle
Bud and Blossom and Beyond

by Madisyn Taylor

It is through watching the cycles of nature that we more fully understand the cycles of our own lives.

Flowers and leaves both begin their lives as organisms so tiny we cannot see them with the naked eye. With time, they become visible, curled in upon themselves, colorful buds slowly softening and releasing. With the proper warmth and moisture, they unfold little by little, revealing with each degree of opening a new color, shape, or dimension. Sometimes buds open seemingly all at once, unfolding the full majesty of their potential, of what looks to the human eye like courage, openness, and generosity.

As days go by, the bloom slowly moves through more stages, revealing still more colors, shapes, and dimensions of its essence. It falls apart, strewing its petals on the ground, or it wilts, or it closes back in on itself. When we can appreciate the full beauty of each stage of the cycle of life, from bud to blossom to disintegration, we feel more at home with our own earthly process. We can be inspired not to hold back the fullness of what we have to offer, knowing that our time to give of ourselves in this way will come to pass. At the same time, we can honor others, and the little processes that go on within the larger process of living our lives.

Each stage we go through has its time of fulfillment and recession, as do all living things. Every moment of every stage has its own particular beauty, and we can appreciate that, even as most of us tend to love the spectacular moment of full blossoming most of all. When we feel the wisdom contained in the budding, blossoming, and dissolution of a simple flower, we begin to feel it everywhere, in each moment that comes and goes, in each sunrise and sunset, in every hello and goodbye, as the very essence of the pulsating ebb and flow of existence.



GRATEFULNESS  in the character is like fragrance in the flower.  A person however learned and qualified in his life's work, in whom gratefulness is absent, is devoid of that beauty of character which makes the personality fragrant.

If we answer every little deed of kindness with appreciation, we develop in our nature the spirit of gratefulness; and by learning this we rise to that state where we begin to realize God's goodness toward us, and for this we can never be grateful enough to His/Her divine compassion.

The great Sufi poet Sa'di teaches gratefulness as being the means of attracting that favour, forgiveness, and mercy of God upon us in which is the salvation of our soul.  

There is much in life that we can be grateful for, in spite of all the difficulties and troubles of life.  Sa'di says, "The sun and moon, and the rain and clouds, all are busy to prepare your food for you, and it is unfair indeed if you do not appreciate it in thanksgiving."





 The Otter Says:  Let’s Play!



The sun is shining and the water sparkles and sings as it runs across the rocks.  What a glorious day to be alive, to leap, to swim, to play!  Yes, to play.  It is my great joy to just have fun, simply because I can, simply because I am alive, deeply, joyously alive.


Life isn’t serious, it’s seriously fun.  It’s a romp.  It’s joy and abandon.  Just living is the most fun you can possibly have.  Come on, follow me.  Let’s play!


Trouble can be addressed if and when it arrives.  If it is not here right now, why waste a beautiful day in worry?  Look up at the sky, take a deep breath and then do something playful, something that puts a smile on your face and a skip in your step, something that makes your heart sing.


There will never again be a moment exactly like this one.  Fill yourself with otter energy and embrace this moment fully, right now, with love, joy and a playful song in your heart.


Please check out www.poweranimals.com  hosted by Carrie Hart

It is a fun-filled interactive website where you receive messages from the Power Animals.

You will be happy you did !!!!    Have a fun May !






 Welcome to a New Day


The sun rises and a new day begins.  And as the rays reach out across the surface of the earth, feel how you are cleansed.  Feel how each ray of the sun gives you a way to clear away all that was yesterday and move into today.

Yesterday may have been filled with opinions and judgments. Perhaps you looked at the way things were and the things people did and decided that this was a mistake, and that would have been better.  You ended your day with the compartments of your mind full, full of things you were grateful for and things you wish had not been.  And your regret compartment might have been full indeed.

But now, today, let the rising sun clear all of that away. Open your mind to the rays of the dawn and allow all of the opinions to clear.  Take a very clear view of how things are, exactly as they are, objectively assessing life as it is in this moment, and clear out the compartments that judge whether this is good or bad and whether your actions from the days before were successful or lacking.

Today, begin again.  Begin again with how things are today.

Let the dawn show you that what appeared to be a mistake yesterday, could today be an opportunity.  Let it show you a new solution to an old problem.  Things shifted and changed overnight.  A person who was difficult yesterday may be open to new ways of seeing today.  And that person could be you.

And so, let us greet the dawn with joy and enthusiasm, as it cleanses the earth and clears our minds.  Let us give thanks for a new day, for the sleep that puts an end to one day and a beginning to the next.  Today, in this moment, we are born anew and the entire world awaits our joy, our laughter, our open flowing hearts of love.

Welcome, says the sun.  Welcome to a new day and may you BLOSSOM into your magnificent self !!




The Awakened Heart

By Paul Hoffman

The rhythm of your life is expressed through the connection you have with the calling of your heart. The art of creating the life you desire begins with listening to the masterpiece of magnificence that resides in your heart. THE AWAKENED HEART is one that dreams big and bold free from any thoughts of lack and limitation. You are given permission to express the desires that are seeking to emerge from your soul. To capture that which is the DNA of your being-ness will always look like an opportunity of possibility when you think in the most positive of ways. This will guide you towards the actions you need to take to manifest those dreams you now see as becoming your reality. It is therefore so important to listen to the voice of your heat as you make the choices and take the actions needed that will bring you closer to the success you are seeking. It is in the listening that the answers will come.

The universe wants to give you everything you set an intention to have and only knows that when your determination is strong and your vision is clear. This is the signal that you send to the universe that you are ready to receive all the fruits and gifts of possibility that are ready to effortlessly come into your life. When you are ready to receive all you need to accomplish anything you set out to do then the floodgates of creativity open up and the dynamic ideas that are always flowing will organize themselves in perfect divine order. Your life will begin to look like everything you imagined it could with ease and grace. THE AWAKENED HEART holds the key to the freedom to be anything you want to be. You have the power right where you are to create the life you desire and there is nothing that can stop you except YOU. Be your biggest supporter and let go of anything that gets in the way of releasing the brilliance that you are.

"In every moment of everyday there is a voice that always says be strong be bold and most of all be YOU...Listen to it. It holds the answers to having a magnificent life."

I AM creating magnificence in all I do
I see my vision with perfect clarity
I open my heart to the calling of my soul
I reveal my true essence for all to see
The divine expression that is me
Today I walk in the positive possibility of infinite opportunity I get to be





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