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"EVERYONE without exception is very, very special with extraordinary qualities and extraordinary powers. You just may not know it yet. The secret is to be, love and cherish yourself; it is to be your true essence. You are love and light, infinite wisdom and unlimited possibilities. Whatever you ask, you shall receive. You can have, be and do anything you want. You just need to choose what makes you happy in your heart. It is very simple. Remember, you are loved beyond measure for who you are and you are beautiful."

Author Unknown ~ but a very Wise Soul



As the season changes from winter to spring, it is about getting ready for “change” and “new adventures”.   It always starts with our thoughts and beliefs.   J   March is a wonderful month to prepare ourselves by cleaning and clearing OUT the old…….. All the old beliefs, patterns, negative thinking – anything that keeps us STUCK in a way of BE-ing.  It is time to shine your light and BE the magnificent person you came here to be – so why not start now?   Every baby step that you take is a promise and commitment to the Universe that you are READY for a change, you are ready to live your heart-filled desires.  So what baby steps will you take this month? 

Life is a process of unfoldment.  It is a journey from wherever you were to where you are now, and further, it is a journey from where you are to where you want to be.  This creative process of life is what we call "change." Change is just the natural Law of Mind in Action, and therefore we can with our mind, or our thoughts, guide that change.

Believe in yourself, in love, in trust, in magic, in angels, in happy endings, in God, in promises, in miracles, in people, in fairytales, in following your heart, in peace and happiness, in never growing up, in following your passions and making your dreams come true, in always having fun, in helping people, in making the world a better place, in changing for the better.




In Love AND Gratitude for your presence in my life

    KAREN -:¦:-¸¸.·´**



 The Angel of March - brings us stamina and courage. As winter ends, we take heart from the crocuses that push their way up through the snow. The Angel of March cheers us on through life's frozen moments, boosting our morale and helping us achieve new landmarks. With the angel's help, we dare to break through whatever barrier, whether personal belief or lack of self-confidence, that holds us back. We gather the will to launch a lifelong dream or begin the project we have envisioned but never dared to tackle. As the sun begins to warm our spirits, the March angel rejoices with us at the first signs of spring and lends us courage to prepare for a new and daunting, but also fulfilling, task.



As the snow begins to melt from the ground and green shoots start to emerge from the soil as promises of the blooms to come, it’s time to take stock of your spiritual house. You may already have plans to spring clean your home—perhaps dusting the hard-to-reach places and cleaning behind the refrigerator—but what about the clutter and grime that has settled into your energy field and chakras?

Balance, Rebirth, and Rejuvenation
March 20th marks the vernal equinox and official first day of spring, and the weeks before and after this significant date are a time of balance, rebirth, and rejuvenation. The equinox is when day and night are approximately the same length, in perfect balance and harmony with each other, which means anything you do right now to seek balance in your life will be enhanced by this energy. Working in alignment with nature’s vibrations boosts your spiritual efforts, and this time of reawakening is ripe for clearing and balancing your chakras and energy field. Harness this power of renewal to purge the unnecessary from your energetic closets and vacuum up any emotional residue. It’s time to spring clean your soul!

Unclog Your Pipes with Energy Healing
Your chakras are the invisible but vital energy centers that are designed to move energy between your personal field and the universal field, and, when spinning correctly and unencumbered, these chakras are the means by which you replenish your energy and restore your health. From
energy healing you’ve learned that your body is made from your energetic field, which means that what goes on in your field directly affects your body. So when your chakras are blocked, your energy flow is also blocked, and that clog will eventually cause physical symptoms that can be anything from headaches to cancer.
Think of it like this: your energy flows like water through pipes. If you have a clog somewhere in the system, all that water backs up and eventually springs a leak, damaging the pipes and the wall around it. Just like that water, your energy has to go somewhere, and keeping your chakras clear and your energy flowing is the best way to keep your body from experiencing injury or illness as a result of clogged pipes.

It’s Never Too Late To Clear Out Old Traumas With Energy Healing
So how can you keep you chakras clear? Well, clogs and blockages in your chakras are caused by traumas that aren’t fully released, emotional build-up that can be recent or twenty years old. And just as it’s never too late to tackle the places in your house like the chimney or under the couch cushions that can go years without a thorough clean-up, it’s never too late to clear out old traumas with
energy healing. Every bit of work you do toward improving the flow of energy in your field and body is going to make you feel better.
There are activities that will do a general job of clearing negativity from your field, like
meditation, but there are also targeted methods for balancing each of your seven main chakras. To find out which of your chakras is dysfunctional, you can work with a spiritual teacher or energy healer, or have a friend check your chakras with a pendulum.

Try These 7 Techniques For Balancing And Recharging Your Chakras:

1. Your first chakra is all about grounding, so take a barefoot walk in the grass or on a beach to reconnect to Mother Earth.
2. Your second chakra governs how you experience pleasure, and a common issue for this chakra is shame. Water is cleansing and healing for this chakra, so immerse yourself in water for twenty minutes—in the ocean or a clearing bath with sea salt and baking soda.
3. The third chakra is where your will and self-esteem resides, and physical movement, especially outside in the early morning sun or in the evening before sunset, really recharges this chakra.
4. Your fourth chakra is the heart chakra, and when it’s open, you can give and receive love easily and in a healthy way. Practicing love with a pet who loves unconditionally is a great way to heal your heart and become open to trusting love again.
5. The fifth chakra is about speaking your truth, choosing to express the real you. Journaling with total honesty can clear and charge this chakra—and help process old traumas. Journaling is a major part of energy medicine and is incredibly freeing!
6. Your sixth chakra, the “third eye,” is where your higher intellect and clarity of vision reside. Daily meditation—another essential part of energy healing—helps to awaken this chakra so you can increase your intuition and inner wisdom.
7. An open seventh chakra can be attained through meditation and prayer since the crown chakra is what connects you to spirit. Here you can ask your higher self for guidance.

Together, your chakras govern all areas of your life: relationships, weight loss, stress, career, self-esteem, love, spiritual progress, and everything else. When they are in balance, you are in balance, and your whole being is lighter, freer, healthier, and happier. So take advantage of the days getting longer and the blossoming of nature this spring, and rejuvenate your soul with the clearing, charging, and balancing of your chakras. 




I am choosing unconditional love over fear.

I am choosing peace over war.

I am choosing self-trust over self-doubt.

I am choosing abundance over scarcity.

     I am choosing the Now over the past.

                                           I am choosing infinite potential over limitation 

I am choosing growth over stagnation.

I am choosing clarity over delusion.

                                                I am choosing wisdom over ignorance.

     I am choosing compassion over intolerance.

I am choosing oneness over division.

I am the wayshower of my own truth and wisdom.

I am empowered and enlightened through my own inner guidance and remembrance.

                         I am open to and in harmony with my divine Creator.

I am releasing all my outdated belief systems.

                   I am bringing heaven to Earth.

I am bringing peace, serenity, harmony and bliss.

I am that I am, I am and so it is.



EARTH SCHOOL - 5 Things You Need to Know to Get A Passing Grade from Your Saturn Teacher

1. Be in Truth

Be honest with yourself. Is there something you need to face that you are avoiding? Is there a truth that must be spoken– even if only to yourself?  Is there a relationship, project or habit that needs to be brought into the light of Awareness?   Exposure is the first step to healing all wounds. Write it down, say it out loud or tell a friend.

2. Pay Attention

The mind is under a lot of pressure right now and wants to escape into fantasy.  Stay present and in reality. Where do you feel limited in your life? Take this into your meditation practice. Notice the patterns in your life – where are you learning the same lesson over and over again?  Where is the ego attached to things and people staying a certain way. This stops the creative flow.

3.  You have Power

When you feel limited it can bring out the Victim Archetype. This is the part of you that feels powerless to change your life and wants to give up.  If you find yourself saying things like “I don’t have enough money” or “I can’t do that”  or “why does this always happen to me”,  you are stuck in victim. Don’t allow these beliefs to run your life.  Transcend the Victim into Victory by practicing Yoga + Meditation.

4. It is all about Perspective

Embrace the changes as they come – each one is a blessing. If you are fired from your job or evicted from your home – it is all a blessing. Saturn energy is showing you where you need to let go of an old self that is no longer serving you. It is helping you to make a needed change that you just were not able to make on your own.

5. Move Stuck Energy

Perhaps you need to release long buried emotions in order to release frustration, anger, sadness or grief?  Sometimes we attract painful experiences in to provoke long buried feelings of hurt or grief from our childhood. What patterns are you attracting to you? Shake things up! Make a choice to do something – anything – differently. Even changing how you walk to work will bring the energy of change into your life.



by Stephanie Dempsey

Spring is March 20th -  time to clear out the clutter and make way for a brand new season of growth. Here are 10 Feng Shui cures designed to bring renewed energy into your life. Feeling overwhelmed?  Start with the cure that corresponds to the most compelling problem you are currently facing. Once that’s out of the way, it will be much easier to enact subsequent cures.

Love & Romance: Clear Out the Space Beneath Your Bed
If you'd like a happier, healthier love life, look under the bed. Relocate any items you use regularly, then discard or donate the rest. By keeping the space beneath your bed totally clear, you'll resolve any deceptions, hidden resentments and childhood traumas that have affected your romantic relationships.

Communication: Erase Old Messages
Do you feel misunderstood or unappreciated? Then empty old messages from your e-mail account and answering machine. Letting messages accumulate can make it difficult to get your wants and needs across. If you want to hang on to messages for sentimental reasons, print them out or record them onto a cassette.

Family: Put Stray Photos into Scrapbooks
If you're struggling with family squabbles, put stray photos into albums. Frame ones that conjure up good memories, and display them in the gathering spaces of your home, like the living room and kitchen. Keep family photos out of the bedroom, especially if you want to maintain healthy boundaries with relatives.

Health & Wellness: Clear Out Your Kitchen Cabinets
Do you feel tired, unhealthy or depressed? Then clean out your cupboards, refrigerator and freezer. Throw away any items that are past their freshness. Donate any canned goods that you don't want to charity. If you are really determined to improve your health, purge your kitchen entirely of junk food.

Support: Donate Nine Items to Charity
Does life seem like a constant struggle for you? Do you feel like you're all alone? Collect nine serviceable items that you no longer want or use, then give them to charity. Of course, you don't have to limit yourself to just nine items – the more stuff you give away, the easier it will be to attract the support you need.

Esteem: Empty Out Your Medicine Cabinet
Suffering from low self-esteem? Clear out your medicine cabinet! Get rid of any outdated prescriptions, old cosmetics and unwanted grooming products. Be honest about what you use and what you don't. By streamlining your medicine cabinet and vanity area, you'll project a much more confident image.

Time to Enjoy Life: Scrub the Bathroom Until It Shines
Do you have time for the activities you love? If not, you need to scrub your bathroom from top to bottom. Bathrooms represent self-care. When yours are sparkling and clean, you'll find more time for the people and things that give you joy. Splurge on new towels, bath mats and shower curtains while you're at it.

Inspiration: Wash Your Windows
If you feel uninspired or lack motivation, wash your windows. Windows represent your outlook on life. If yours are clean and sparkling, it will be easier to find your heart's desire. This is a great cure for people who are in dead-end jobs or suffer from depression. Hire a professional if you're not up to this labor-intensive task.

Energy: Empty Out A Single Drawer
If you're caught in a rut, do yourself a favor and empty out one drawer. It could be anywhere: your desk, your bureau, your kitchen. Throw away anything you don't need, and relocate the rest to other areas. Leave the drawer empty for an entire week. Soon, you'll find the energy to launch a full-fledged spring cleaning!

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so
pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of
adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.
~Anne Bradstreet



Inner Spring Cleaning  -  Detoxing Your Body

Our bodies move with the cycles of life and even the healthiest need a cleansing detox to renew and regenerate.

When you want to start with a clean slate in life, one way is to cleanse your body. Detoxifying can be done in many ways and for many reasons, depending on your specific goals. You may feel a physical need for cleansing, or a spiritual one where you would cleanse the areas of the body that correspond to your current life challenges. If you feel, for instance, that your inner self is not shining through as you would like, you may want to do a bathing detox to clean the skin of impurities so that you can radiate your inner health like a newly washed stained-glass window that lets the light shine through more brilliantly.

No matter how healthy and conscious our habits are, our bodies move with the cycles of life, which means that our cells sometimes need to fall like leaves from the trees before they can regenerate and be renewed. Just as we need to wash our bodies to remove the buildup of natural processes and contact with the world around us, we need to clean our bodies from the inside as well. So you may want to detoxify your blood or digestive system, or target specific buildup such as plaque or metals. Our bodies are the vessels that allow us to move through life, but we can treat them like wild gardens that need our attention to reach their full potential of beauty and balance in their ecosystem.

The first days of a detoxification process may bring to mind an image of the dust that gets stirred up during spring cleaning. You may feel a little worse before you feel better, but that may indeed be the universe’s way of showing us the benefits by contrast. We live in a world of dualities, so we may need to experience both sides of a situation in order to find our perfect balance. Once the impurities have been cleansed, you could experience a sense of lightness or clarity of vision and purpose. You will know it worked when you feel enhanced ease as you move through the world toward your goals.



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