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"EVERYONE without exception is very, very special with extraordinary qualities and extraordinary powers. You just may not know it yet. The secret is to be, love and cherish yourself; it is to be your true essence. You are love and light, infinite wisdom and unlimited possibilities. Whatever you ask, you shall receive. You can have, be and do anything you want. You just need to choose what makes you happy in your heart. It is very simple. Remember, you are loved beyond measure for who you are and you are beautiful."

Author Unknown ~ but a very Wise Soul



April is a month for nurturing ourselves, rebirth and opening our hearts to new possibilities.  Take a moment and think on the things you wish to accomplish, regard it with love and joy, and ask the angels to assist.  Today, give thanks for all your blessings and move forward with joy!

Remember to laugh, love and learn each precious day.  Life IS a special school filled with wonderful life lessons and opportunities for growth and deep fulfilments. May we all continue to learn, grow and BE who we are ~ shining our light for everyone to see ~ and may we do this every day with each other ~ our fellow lightworkers and friends.

The festival marked by Easter is about Life.

Following the dark, apparently lifeless days of Winter where many animals retreat to hibernation, many trees lose their leaves and flowers "die back" or lose their colours, Easter represents the beginning of the new cycle of Eternal Life, represented symbolically by the proliferation of eggs and "bunnies" in all their forms and colours.

Whatever Easter means to you and everyone around the World, it is ultimately, first and foremost a celebration of Life, and for that we should certainly be Joyful, and I wish you a Happy and Joyful Easter with your family.

"May the raindrops fall lightly on your brow.  May the soft winds freshen your spirit.  May the sunshine brighten your heart.  May the burdens of the day rest lightly upon you.  And may God enfold you in the mantle of His love." - a traditional Irish blessing.

Happy Spring – Happy Re-birth – Happy New Beginnings !!!



The Angel of April - is the spirit of rebirth. As the days grow longer and the sun begins to warm us, April is a time for new life and new beginnings. April's angel spurs us to test ourselves in new directions and to make ourselves vulnerable in the face of unfamiliar people and places. Encouraged by the April angel, we search for novel endeavors that will enrich our lives and bring new meaning to our career or family roles. The April angel teaches us to delight in each sign of awakening, in nature and in ourselves.

Believe in yourself, in love, in trust, in magic, in angels, in happy endings, in God, in promises, in miracles, in people, in fairy tales, in following your heart, in peace and happiness, in never growing up, in following your passions and making your dreams come true, in always having fun, in helping people, in making the world a better place, in changing for the better.




  "New Beginnings . . .

Each day is a new beginning . . . another chance to learn more about ourselves, to care more about others. To laugh more than we did.   To accomplish more than we thought we could.   To be more than we were before."



De-cluttering your physical space can have an amazingly uplifting effect on your mood. Feng Shui experts claim that buildings and furniture store the memories of events in the form of energy, and that by de-cluttering you can clear the energy of historic traumatic events. Whether or not you put any store in that kind of theory, nobody who has ever de-cluttered a space could deny the positive benefits of increasing the physical space in their environment.

However, physical de-cluttering can also have a cathartic effect on people emotionally. When we let go of things we've been hoarding for a long time, we often let go of emotional memories we've been hanging onto along with them (albeit unconsciously), and so by clearing physical clutter you can clear space in your head and in your heart as well as your home.

Clutter though is not only physical. We can also have mental and emotional clutter blocking the flow of energy in our lives, and clearing this out is guaranteed to help improve our emotional wellbeing. Examples include undone/unfinished tasks; people/activities that drain you of energy; remaining angry at people; busyness - filling up your schedule with activities you feel duty-bound to do, and leaving no time to nourish your soul and refresh your body.

Tips for clearing your physical clutter:
• Look at your home and identify the areas that need decluttering. Break it down into small tasks that can be tackled over a period of time, rather than one big project to be done in a day. Start small with everyday areas like the kitchen table and build momentum towards the areas you avoid because the idea of tackling them is just overwhelming.

• Go through your stuff and for each item ask yourself Do I love it? Do I need it? Do I use it? If you can answer yes to any of them, it stays. If it's no to all, then it goes.

• Divide everything into four piles: Keep, Recycle, Donate and Dump. As soon as you're done, remove the items that aren't staying straight away and deliver them to their new destination.

Once your big clear out is done, avoid a new build up by clearing out little and often.

Tips for clearing your Mental/Emotional Clutter:

• Make a list of anything you've been procrastinating over, and ask yourself why you have been putting it off. What can you tackle and what can you let go of? When you're clear on what you definitely has to be done, make a plan and get to it.

• Stop worrying. There is nothing constructive about worrying - it won't help you avoid the outcome you're worrying about and it'll destroy your ability to enjoy the present. When a worrying thought arises, quash it straight away and sing along with me "Everything's gonna be alright, everything's gonna be alright..." Focus your energy on what you'd like to happen instead.

• Follow through on promises and commitments. When you've said you'll do something but you keep putting it on the long finger, it drains you of energy. If you can't or don't want to see them through, then be upfront about it and withdraw your promise.

• Let go of anger and forgive. When somebody hurts you badly, it's a normal response to feel anger, and to not want to forgive. But anger is bad for your health, both physical and emotional, so it's actually in your interests to let it go and forgive the other person. Forgiving them doesn't mean you have to welcome them back into your life with open arms, it just means letting go of the memory of what they've done to you and the feelings that go with it. Maybe the other person doesn't deserve forgiveness, but don't you deserve to move on and leave the pain behind?

• Say no to people and activities that drag you down. Instead, surround yourself with people who uplift you and do things that make you feel great!

As with your physical clear out, don't make this a once-off project or an irregular purge. Develop clutter free habits in every aspect of your life, and you will enjoy an easier flow through life on a continuous basis.



Life is a process of unfoldment.  It is a journey from wherever you were to where you are now, and further, it is a journey from where you are to where you want to be.  This creative process of life is what we call "change." Change is just the natural Law of Mind in Action, and therefore we can with our mind, or our thoughts, guide that change.


Dreaming Big and Moving the Energy


Sometimes, when we begin to really focus on our dreams, pay attention to our thoughts and create what we want in life, things just flow. Suddenly, we're riding a wave of potential and everything is good. That happens some of the time. At other times, we begin to ride that wave of potential and everything comes to a sudden stop. Nothing works and we feel like we have gone back to the beginning and have to start all over. What we thought was going to be a fast ride forward down easy street turns out to be a slow and painful ride backwards through a repeat of what we are trying to 'undo' and every fear and anxiety that we have about what we want to create rises to meet us. Nothing is wrong, but it's time to face ourselves on the path to change. When we start to dream big and allow ourselves to live our lives in another direction, we move the energy around us. In other words, we 'stir the pot' so to speak, and everything that has been hiding from us (or that we have been hiding from) rises to the surface. And sometimes that isn't very pretty. When we begin to move the energy we get to look at many things in our lives that we didn't notice before and because we are in change mode, we look at them in a different way.

The purpose of this exercise is not to stop us in our tracks, as it sometimes does, but to give us a final opportunity to review the issues, to ensure that we are complete with them, tie up any loose ends and to let them go. Too often, though, we let what feels like a 'blast from the past' stop us, thinking that we have gotten as far as we can and that's all there is. But that is not the case at all. Remember that when we move the energy in our lives we bring up all of the past issues that exist for us. It's all part of the process. Since we have been shifting our energy and thus our perspective, we have a chance to look at these issues in a different way.

Dreaming big is a life-changing process and facing our fears about what we want is part of that process. We have to ask ourselves whether we believe we deserve what we want, whether we are ready to face change, how we are going to re-structure our lives and what our next steps are. We also have to learn to walk in faith and trust, knowing that our deepest desires are right for us and what we go through when we stir the energy is part of a process of removing the obstacles from the path to fulfillment. The flow is always there and we are always in it, we merely have to face and overcome our fears and then we can continue on our path to making our dreams part of our reality.

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Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness.  Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation) there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.  All sort of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred.  A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favour all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.

Whatever you can do or dream you can, BEGIN IT.

Boldness has genius, magic and power in it.



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