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"EVERYONE without exception is very, very special with extraordinary qualities and extraordinary powers. You just may not know it yet. The secret is to be, love and cherish yourself; it is to be your true essence. You are love and light, infinite wisdom and unlimited possibilities. Whatever you ask, you shall receive. You can have, be and do anything you want. You just need to choose what makes you happy in your heart. It is very simple. Remember, you are loved beyond measure for who you are and you are beautiful."

Author Unknown ~ but a very Wise Soul

NEWSLETTER #24 - APRIL 1, 2007


As we approach the celebration of Easter and Passover, it is a good time to reflect on what these holidays really mean.  Is it about Easter bunnies, egg hunts, chocolate, great food and family get-togethers?   Of course it is – but it is also more than that.   This is a time for deep reflection.   Who am I ~ Why am I here ~ Where am I going?   Maybe it is about a part of us that is dying so that we can  be re-birthed in the new – a new way of thinking, a new way of being.  That would mean having the courage to look at the parts of us that we do not like and do whatever we have to do to change it.

It does take courage to look deep within ourselves but it is always an ongoing process.    Yes, this Earth Journey, this Earth School can be very testing sometimes, but if we take the time to sit back and “reflect”, we may find all the answers and guidance that we are looking for are within us – our Higher Self.

I trust that the words on these pages plant beautiful seeds within you and that you all grow into the beautiful shining stars that YOU ARE.

May you bring into each new day lots of playfulness and laughter, love and peace, kindness and gentleness, generosity and acceptance, new adventures and new beginnings.   Each day is a brand new day for you to CREATE exactly what you want.  May the angels always guide you and light your path.


Thank you for being YOU.

In Love AND Gratitude, ME.

            KAREN  -:¦:-¸¸.·´**


Karen Mosuk, Reiki Master CRA-RT 05 140

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                         TWELVE WAYS TO KEEP SMILING
Hold on to your dreams and never let them go  ***   Show the rest of the world how wonderful you are    ***   Give circumstances  a chance and give others the benefit of the doubt ***  Wish on a star that shines in your sky ***  Take on your problems one by one and works things out  ***  Rely on all the strength you have inside  **  Let loose the sparkle and spirit that you sometimes try to hide  ***  Stay in touch with those who touch your life with love  ***  Look on the bright side and don’t let adversity keep you from winning  ***  Be yourself, because you are filled with special qualities that have brought you this far and that will always see you through  ***  Keep your spirits up  **  Make your heart happy and let it reflect on everything you do !
~ Douglas Pagels

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                                                    The Glowing Wonder that is You


Today is a day to focus on your own beauty, the glowing wonder that is you.  Today, spend a moment in quiet, breathe down to a peaceful place, and then see the light that shines within you, the beautiful glowing light in your center.  Take time to contemplate this light.  See its beauty as it glows steadily and brightly in your center.

This light is always there, glowing, even when you cover your gifts, even when you hide in shame or shyness or when you feel that others are keeping you from shining out.  Even so, the glow is there; the shining does not stop.

You are still you, with all of your talents and abilities.  You are still you, with the unique way that you view the world, your own way of expression.  You are still you, and you are still made of love, love unending, love that is a part of the great endless flow of love that is the essential heart of being.  All of this is true, no matter what.

And so, today, do not concern yourself with your standing in the world, with whether you have achieved what you had wished to achieve.  Do not worry about what others may think of you.  Set all disappointment aside and just contemplate and appreciate your own wonder.  Be glad to be who you are, exactly as you are.  There is nothing missing. There is nothing that is less than it should be.  You, just as you are, are glowing brightly.  Exactly as you are, you should be. 

Right now, you are standing right where you need to be to take the next wondrous step in your life.  And so, let us do that together.  Take a very deep breath.  Release all doubt and fear.  See the light within you and now let it fill your entire body, from head to toe.  Feel the glow.  See the glow.  Remember that the future is just one heartbeat away from now, and if you fill yourself with love and light right now, then the future will be formed from that very same love and light. 

And it does not matter exactly what the future holds.  It does not really matter if you achieve this or acquire that.  All that matters is that you are as you are, glowing brightly, shining with the beauty that is you.


Here is a little prayer for today

I look within and see my beauty and wonder.  I look within and see the light shining in my core, my center, the light that is me, the light of being-ness and love.

I am this beauty, this light.  I am this glowing wonder.  And exactly as I am, I am all that I need to be.

I am love.  I am light. 

-:¦:- ((¸¸.·´*




This month, your assignment is very simple.  You are to learn to feel joy.  You are to teach yourself that you are capable of filling yourself with joy no matter what is happening in your life.  You are to learn that joy is something you create inside, not something which is imposed from outside, by circumstances and other people.  This week, learn that you are truly the creator of your life, and learn it by creating joy in every moment.


..· ´¨¨)) -:¦:--:¦:- ((¸¸.·´*

-:¦:- ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
((¸¸.·´ ..·´ -:¦:- JOY -:¦:-

-:¦:- ((¸¸.·´*




Today's Positive Thought
Self-acceptance is the doorway to greatness.

Today's Positive Affirmation
I accept myself with love and I know that the doorway to
greatness is opened before me. I walk through it with joy.

Today's Positive Visualization
In my mind's eye I experience the love God has for me.  I know
that God loves and accepts me because it is God's nature to
love.  As I affirm that I am a child of God, perfect as I am
today, I accept myself recognizing my limitations and affirming
my potential.  In this moment I forgive myself for my shortcomings,
I salute myself for my possibilities, and I accept myself completely.
In my mind's eye, I see a blanket of self-acceptance surrounding me.
I recognize that this acceptance is the power of my potential.  I
imagine doors opening before me and see myself going through them
with great confidence in my ability to succeed.  I take time to imagine
my future filled with success, prosperity, and health.  I combine these
images with the feelings of joy and let them go, knowing that they
will create the good things I am visualizing and thinking.

*~** -:¦:-*~** -:¦:-*~** -:¦:-*~**-:¦:-*~**



I AM – The two most powerful words in the universe. For whatever we put after them becomes our reality.

“I AM MAGICAL”  Each day is a journey of self-discovery

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Twinkies and Root Beer

A little boy wanted to meet God.  He knew it was a long trip to where God lived, so he packed his suitcase with Twinkies and a six-pack of Root Beer and he started his journey.

       When he had gone about three blocks, he met an elderly man.  The man was sitting in the park just feeding some pigeons. 

The boy sat down next to him and opened his suitcase.  He was about to take a drink from his root beer when he noticed that the man looked hungry, so he offered him a Twinkie.

 The man gratefully accepted it and smiled at boy.  His smile was so pleasant that the boy wanted to see it again, so he offered him a root beer.

Again, the man smiled at him.  The boy was delighted!  They sat there all afternoon eating and smiling, but they never said a word.

As it grew dark, the boy realized how tired he was and he got up to leave, but before he had gone more than a few steps, he turned around, ran back to the man, and gave him a hug.  The man gave him his biggest smile ever.

When the boy opened the door to his own house a short time later, his mother was surprised by the look of joy on his face.  She asked him, "What did you do today that made you so happy?

 "He replied, "I had lunch with God."   But before his mother could respond, he added, "You know what?  God's got the most beautiful smile I've ever seen!"

 Meanwhile, the elderly man, also radiant with joy, returned to his home.  His son was stunned by the look of peace on his face and he asked,"  Dad, what did you do today that made you so happy?"

He replied, "I ate Twinkies in the park with God."  However, before his son responded, he added," You know, he's much younger than I expected."

 Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. People come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Embrace all equally!

~author unknown~


Are you saying your Reiki prayers when you wake up in the morning or when you go to bed at night?





I will give thanks for all my many blessings,

I will not worry

I will not be angry

I will honor my parents, teachers and elders

I will work hard today and do my work honestly

I will be kind to my neighbor

I will have reverence for all living things,

I will be thankful for all I have.



*~** -:¦:-*~** -:¦:-*~** -:¦:-*~**-:¦:-*~** -:¦:-*~** -:¦:-*~** -:¦:-*~**


May my heart be filled with loving kindness,

May I be strong and happy

May I feel good about myself and others

May all my dreams come true

May I use my goodness to help others

May I use my love to heal

May I only spread loving-kindness in the world.




*~**-:¦:-*~** -:¦:-*~** -:¦:-*~** -:¦:-*~**



How many of you are writing in your Appreciation Journal every night?

Before you go to sleep, think of or write in your journal 3 to 5 things you appreciated that day – or made you happy.    Appreciation is very important – because the more we focus on the good things in our life, more good comes into our life.    And remember to say – thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you – for EVERYTHING.




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The Ancient Reiki Masters and the Angelic Kingdom THANK YOU for working with the Light Energies and also want to encourage you to send LIGHT AND HEALING MORE OFTEN – to Mother Earth – all animals, wild and domestic, all plants, to your family, friends, neighbors, strangers and also to yourself.






I honor the place in you
in which the entire Universe dwells.

I honor the place in you
which is of Love, of Truth, of Light and of Peace.

When you are in that place in you,
and I am in that place in me,
we are One.


*~** -:¦:-*~** -:¦:-*~** -:¦:-*~**-:¦:-*~** -:¦:-*~** -:¦:-*~** -:¦:-*~**



"Kind words can be short and easy to speak,
but their echoes are truly endless."
- Mother Theresa –










Karen Mosuk

Sacred Wellness Practitioner
Usui/HolyFire Reiki Master-Teacher, CRA RT 05-140
IET® Master - Instructor
Recognized Therapeutic Touch ™ Teacher