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"EVERYONE without exception is very, very special with extraordinary qualities and extraordinary powers. You just may not know it yet. The secret is to be, love and cherish yourself; it is to be your true essence. You are love and light, infinite wisdom and unlimited possibilities. Whatever you ask, you shall receive. You can have, be and do anything you want. You just need to choose what makes you happy in your heart. It is very simple. Remember, you are loved beyond measure for who you are and you are beautiful."

Author Unknown ~ but a very Wise Soul





DECEMBER 1,  2007



Dear Friends

My wishes for you at this Holiday season.   Peace, love, happiness, joy, simplicity, joyful celebrations with your friends and family and lots of laughter.

What could be simpler than appreciation for one another, for your earthly home and for the Creator who makes this all possible.    Take a moment to gaze into the dark sky these long nights and admire the glistening stars.   Reflect on Love, and allow Love to fill your spirit.

Refreshed by Love, you will find your eyes and heart open to the gifts Love showers in the smallest and simplest parts of your holiday season and all your seasons.  And in that Love and its gifts, you will find Loves most cherished offering of all, Peace.

Top this all off with Gratitude and you will know within your heart, that this is what the Holidays are all about.   Sharing the most cherished gifts smiles, hugs, laughter, family and friendship.



Thank you for being YOU.

In Love AND Gratitude, ME.

KAREN -::-.**

Karen Mosuk, Reiki Master CRA-RT 05 140






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So what is next? What will 2008 bring? It is a 1000 year (2+8=10+00 added=1000), much more powerful than a mere "1", a MAJOR new beginning!   Saint Germain says it is the Year of Manifestation, a clean canvas for us to create our dreams and see them come true.  That sounds wonderful, however, be VERY consciousness of what you create. Your thoughts and feelings will "all" come true including those you don't want manifested.  Dare to dream BIG.  It is time to truly become The Master!


** B L E S S I N G S **
 "Blessing offered, but rejected, are no longer blessings."
Have you ever asked yourself, "How many times has God tried to bless my life, but I have not seen it or allowed myself to receive it?"

As humans we are creatures of habit.  Habits of thought, habits of feeling, habits of behavior, that
keep us creating the same experience over and over. Even to the point that we are probably blocking the blessings that are there for us.
God has so much to share with you. To help you receive more of the blessings there are for you and
to get yourself OUT OF THE WAY use this affirmation:
"I am open to the blessings God has for me, I am receiving them now!"

Keep this affirmation with you and repeat everyday this month December is a month for giving AND receiving.
Don't settle for a life of mediocrity, expect more happiness and you will experience more.
God Bless You, You Deserve It!



Feel the peace. How does one get to the state of peacefulness?  By staying out of judgment. By seeing through the eyes of compassion.  By seeing through the eyes of love.  As a loving parent is able to have compassion for his/her child even when they are getting into trouble. They set boundaries and parameters from a state of love.  Look to your judgment.  Bless it and release it.  Bless your hearts.


-::-*~***~**-::-*~** -::-*~** -::-*~** -::-*

I  live in an incredible world filled with endless opportunities for growth and expansion and love.

Living Clean and Green for the Holidays!

From the Angel Ladies

www.theangelladies. com

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Holidays are disaster for landfills.  Packaging for holiday decorations and gifts, discarded trees, wrapping paper, boxes, etc. adds up.  This season, green is in fashion.  Use these tips to make your holiday greener and more eco-friendly.


1.  As you purchase gifts, opt for those with less packaging and more recycled content.


2.  Reuse gift wrap, giftbags, boxes, and ribbons.


3.  Decorate with greenery trimmed from your evergreen trees or shrubs; use nuts and fruit for colour.  Replace the fruit as it is eaten; apples and oranges will last a few weeks and can then be used for pies, cooking, or bird-feeding. 


4.  Instead of a huge real Christmas tree, buy a smaller live tree with intact root ball.  Plant the tree after the holidays.


5.  Forego new tree decorations.  Instead, collect well-shaped pine cones from the yard or roadway.  Dip them in coloured wax or paint for a lovely natural decoration. (Dust cones outside to remove dirt, then bake on an old cookie sheet at 200*F or so to get cones to open and give them a nice sheen from melted sap.  Bake till the cone opens.  Also gives a wonderful holiday pine fragrance to the home!)


6.  Put outdoor lights on a timer to minimize energy use.  Better, skip the lights and decorate with ribbons, reusable painted decorations, wreaths, and popcorn garlands.  


7.  Instead of driving downtown or out to the mall or big box store, shop locally and use less gasoline.  Bonus: save parking fees, wear and tear on the car,   and  valuable time. 


8.  Think creatively for gifting.  Some gifts require little packaging and wrapping, like tickets to events, lessons, memberships, and gift certificates.  Donations to charitable organizations, famine relief services, and conservation organizations are wonderful ways to honor the values of our loved ones.  Recycled or used items can be given, too.  Thrift stores are just antique stores without the cache, and the thrill of the hunt is alive and well at flea markets, rummage sales, and garage sales. 


 9. Make your own gifts!  If youre not handy, craft sales and bazaars are popular this time of year. Support the crafters and give well-made handmade gifts this year.


10. Donate! Old decorations cluttering the attic?  If  theyre not sentimental favourites, donate them to the local thrift shop.  No-longer used toys, dolls, stuffed animals, games and such can be given to shelters; nearly-new or very-gently- used items may be welcome gifts to a child in need.



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Let There Be Peace On Earth
Words and Music by

Jill Jackson and Sy Miller

Circa 1955

============ ========= ====

Let There Be Peace On Earth,
and let it begin with me.

Let There Be Peace On Earth,
the peace that was meant to be.


With God as our Father,
brothers all are we,
Let me walk with my brother,
in perfect harmony.


Let peace begin with me,
let this be the moment now,

With every step I take,
let this be my solemn vow,


To take each moment and live each moment
in peace, eternally.
Let There Be Peace On Earth,
and let it begin with me.





,,.,,.`.,,. ,,.`.,,..,,.





Fear less, hope more;
Whine less, breathe more;
Talk less, say more;
Hate less, love more;
And all good things are yours.
~Swedish Proverb~




If you want to know how rich you are, just count up all the things you have that money can't buy.





Surrendering to Yourself

by Rebecca Blanco

============ =========


Who am I?


Who are you truly? Such a simple yet profound question that asks the seeker to look within. When asked this question the mind tends to want to immediately identify with something external. For example if someone comes up to you and asks you, Who are you? A common response would be your name, where you live, and what your profession might be. You may say things like I am a mother, I am a husband, I am a student, I am an American citizen. Although these responses may make up a part of your outward identity they are but a minute and temporary aspect of the grand and multi-faceted beingness that makes up you.


Self-awareness is key to Mastery. Many times throughout our daily human experience we identify with things that are not truly who we are. For instance we may think that who we are is what income bracket we fall under, or what kind of car we drive, or our social status. We may believe things like the kind of lifestyle we pursue is who we are, the kind of clothes we wear, the type of house we live in, or even whats hidden under the bed is what makes us who we are. But are these things really what make up who we are or are they mere illusions in a grand human game?


In observing ourselves with non-judgement and becoming aware of the identities and limited beliefs we carry, we can then begin to detach ourselves from the roles that many times bind us to a particular form. The totality of you is so much more then the costumes you wear or the masks you design. When we believe that we are bound to a particular form of identity, we then become stuck in a pattern of limitation. This can get very uncomfortable and wearing to our spirits. As our mind struggles to protect an identity of limitation, it will do anything to convince or reinforce a false sense of self.


Change always starts from within. You are the presence underneath the costumes, the fanfare, and dramas of your life. You are the observer, the witness, and the magician whose expression is playing in form. Real change begins to occur when we surrender what we think we are and allow ourselves to be who we really are. It is about residing in the beauty of you, in the accepting and forgiving light of yourself. A powerful transformation takes place when we surrender to the core essence of ourselves, the god/goddess within. In every moment is the opportunity to surrender to yourself, to surrender to your divinity, to surrender to the knowingness that you are the source behind each and every expression of yourself. This is true liberation.


In this deep surrender of yourself, choices become clear and life becomes simpler. Simpler because there is no longer a struggle to be someone other then you are. To simply be yourself is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and to others around you as well. Your inner-self, the true you, is pure and boundless. When you surrender to you, your life becomes problem free because problems are nothing more then a false identity of the mind.


So here are some simple exercises in surrendering. It should be easy, easy to be you, if it becomes difficult perhaps you are trying to hard. Whenever you find yourself in a place of resistance or struggle and you are not aligned with your inner essence . . . STOP, stop right there and take a deep breath, the breath will carry you in and return you to you. Listen, Observe, and Feel. Detach from any mind chatter that might want to take over.


If you feel the struggle start to take over again take another good deep breath . . . and let it go. Realize that the pain, the worry, or the stress you may be feeling is not truly you, it can be released by you through choice. Make the choice to let it go. You can say to yourself I do not choose this.  And it can be this simple and this easy to return to you, to return to your presence, your self-awareness, your core essence. This is exercising your true power.


We live in a world of heavy conditioning, expectations, and demands. A place where it is easy to fall out of presence and into unconscious behavior patterns. Changing these patterns is inevitable and easy when in a place of awareness. Remember that all change starts within and you always have a choice. In each and every moment you have a choice. Will you create your life from the beauty of who you truly are or will you sacrifice yourself for the illusion of an identity that is not really you. The choice is always yours.


You can only be in service to others when you are in service to yourself first.  This is not to say to be in service to the selfish ego, but to be in service to the god essence or the divine spark of the source that lives within you. Because this is who you really are, you are a co-creator in a universe of unlimited potential and possibilities.  And it is a wise soul who realizes that Life is a Self-Fulfilling Prophesy.


Make the most of your experience and everything that you desire in life will begin to fall into place. Dont do it because you should, or because it is expected of you, or because it might bring you more money, or because everyone else is doing it.  Do it for the experience.  Do it for you.


We are purely experiential beings playing roles of identity and form. The experience is what we take with us through this journey of life. So have fun with your creations, let them be free, surrender to your grandness, and most of all enjoy your life. Because isn't this what we are here for, to enjoy life and enjoy the blessings of each other? Each of us has our own unique colors and flavors to share with the world. When you surrender to your own unique flow, the song of yourself, you give others the space to do the same. You become a shining example. And the co-creation of a beautiful world then becomes effortless. We are here to inspire and to be inspired.


We ask ourselves again, Who am I?  And we answer, I AM!
Thank you for being you!
Article Copyright 2007 by Rebecca Blanco
About the author:
Rebecca Blanco is a Conscious Creative Inspirer. Her website can be found at
www.festival- of-colors. com Festival of Colors offers a plethora of colorful inspiration including: a free meditation; an inspirational video, stories, articles, and much more. A unique creation called the Seed of Life Abundance Pouches is also available through her site. A colorful experience indeed, be sure to check it out.  www.festival- of-colors. com  *








 Light A Candle Today!

In many different traditions lighting a candle is a sacred action. It expresses more than words can express.  It has to do with gratefulness.  From time immemorial, people have lit candles in sacred places.  You may want to begin or end your day by the sacred ritual of lighting a candle on this gratefulness.  Or you may want to light a birthday candle for a friend.  One single guideline is all you need:  Slow down and do it with full attention.  





Are you saying your Reiki prayers when you wake up in the morning or when you go to bed at night?





I will give thanks for all my many blessings,

I will not worry

I will not be angry

I will honor my parents, teachers and elders

I will work hard today and do my work honestly

I will be kind to my neighbor

I will have reverence for all living things,

I will be thankful for all I have.



*~** -::-*~** -::-*~** -::-*~**-::-*~** -::-*~** -::-*~** -::-*~**



May my heart be filled with loving kindness,

May I be strong and happy

May I feel good about myself and others

May all my dreams come true

May I use my goodness to help others

May I use my love to heal

May I only spread loving-kindness in the world.




*~**-::-*~** -::-*~** -::-*~** -::-*~**


THANK YOU. They are two words that have the power to transform our health, happiness, and success.

Research shows that grateful people are happier and more likely to maintain good friendships. A state of gratitude, according to research by the Institute of HeartMath, also improves the hearts rhythmic functioning, which helps reduce stress and helps us heal physically. Its actually physiologically impossible to be stressed and thankful at the same time. When you are grateful you flood your body and brain with emotions and endorphins that uplift and energize you rather than the stress hormones that drain you.

Gratitude and appreciation are also essential for a healthy work environment. In fact, the number 1 reason why people leave their jobs is because they dont feel appreciated. A simple thank you and a show of appreciation can make all the difference.

So, this week I want to encourage you to tap the power of thank you.   Gratitude is like muscle. The more we do with it the stronger it gets. The key is to make it habit and let it fuel your life, lift you up and encourage others in the process. Here are 4 ways to tap the power of thank you at work and home.

1. Take a Daily Thank You Walk -  Take a simple10-minute walk each day and say out loud what you are thankful for. This one walk will shift your energy for the entire day by not only placing your mind in a state of gratitude but by also adding a boost of physical exercise to energize your body. Remember, you are too blessed to be stressed!

2. Meal Time Thank Yous -  At dinner with your friends and family, go around the table and have each person, including the kids at the little table, say what they are thankful for.

3. Gratitude Visit - Martin Seligman, Ph.D., the father of positive psychology, suggests that we write a letter expressing our gratitude to someone. Then we visit this person and read them the letter. His research shows that people who do this are measurably happier and less depressed a month later.

4. Say Thank you at Work Doug Conant, the CEO of Campbells Soup, has written 16,000 thank you notes to his employers over the last five years and re-energized the company in the process. Energize and engage your co-workers and team by letting them know you are grateful for them and their work.

And by the way, I am very thankful for YOU.


- Jon Gordon



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Christmas Tree Spray

Help your tree smell like it was just cut. Make a mixture of 1 cup water with 6 drops of essential oil of Pine. Use this to spray the tree. Or put a few drops of Pine on a cloth

and tuck this around the base of the tree.


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Christmas Angel Meditation

Close your eyes, be very still and imagine that a beautiful Christmas angel with pure white feather wings comes up to meet you. Did you know that everyone has their own personal angel to guide and protect them. This is your guardian angel who looks after you and loves you deeply. You feel very safe being close to your angel. The angel doesn't need to speak, as she or he can hear your thoughts. Look deeply into the angel's eyes and talk to the angel with your mind. Maybe there is a particular problem you would like to tell your angel about. Maybe you are worried or upset or cross for some reason, and no one seems to listen to you. Your own special angel is the best at understanding, so tell your angel everything. Then when you have finished telling what is on your mind, stay very still and watch the angel smile and put his or her wings around you. You are surrounded by the softest feathery angel wings. Just being hugged by your beautiful angel, sends your troubles away and makes you feel better. It is as if your angel is taking your troubles away and giving you the most lovely feeling instead. You start to feel very calm and serene and content. You feel like staying inside these angel wings forever. Feel you whole body and mind relaxing, as the angel hugs you gently. Feel your legs relax, feel your chest and back relax, your arms relax and your head relax. You feel so loved and protected by your special angel. Say to yourself, I am loved and protected, I am loved and protected.

 *~**-::-*~** -::-*~** -::-*~** -::-*~**




I honor the place in you
in which the entire Universe dwells.

I honor the place in you
which is of Love, of Truth, of Light and of Peace.

When you are in that place in you,
and I am in that place in me,
we are One.


*~** -::-*~** -::-*~** -::-*~**-::-*~** -::-*~** -::-*~** -::-*~**



Karen Mosuk

Sacred Wellness Practitioner
Usui/HolyFire Reiki Master-Teacher, CRA RT 05-140
IET® Master - Instructor
Recognized Therapeutic Touch ™ Teacher